Short-Term Coaching

Business owners can have constant worry and stress.  The majority of that stress comes from feeling out of control.  Planning your days, weeks, months, and years can make a huge difference in your day to day life.  I will work with you to take control and reach your goals.

Goal Planning Session

Meet with me to create goals for you and your business. We'll talk about what goals you want to achieve, what needs to be done to reach these goals, and create a plan to succeed. In the first session we will go over your business and how you would like your business to look in the future. In the second session we will create a list of tasks and create an easy to follow plan to reach your goals..
This program is for two sessions and includes worksheets and planning guides as needed.
This program is $200.

Planning Session

Meet with me to analyze your financial statements, create possible scenarios for your business, and forecast for the coming months or year. In the first session we will go over your business finances, talk about your goals, and discuss options for your business going forward. I will use the information from the first session to create forecasts that we will go over in the second session. You will receive easy-to-read reports that you can use to help you implement your ideas and reach your goals.
This program is for two sessions and includes worksheets and planning guides as needed, along with reports for your business.
This program is $400.

Bookkeeping Help

Meet with me to discuss your bookkeeping and accounting struggles, needs, and wants. I will look over your 2021 bookkeeping so I can help see what parts of your bookkeeping need cleaned up. You will receive an easy to ready report of my findings and in the second session we will discuss the report and make plans to get and keep your books clean, accurate, and up-to-date. We will also discuss ways to streamline your bookkeeping process, get help as needed, and prepare for taxes.
This program is for two sessions. Bookkeeping cleanup work is not included in this package, but can possibly be added on after the completion of both sessions for an additional charge.
This program is $300

One-Time General Session

Meet with me for one 1 1/2 hour session. We will talk about your money struggles, business goals, and general problems you need help solving. We will discuss what kind of help you need and how you can get it. You will fill out a short questionnaire before the session to make sure we can get the most out of the time and focus on the most critical elements of your finances. You will also receive tools such as planning guides, worksheets, and online course discounts.
Each session is $200 to be paid when you book the appointment.