Ongoing Coaching

4-Session Program

Meet with me for four 1 hour sessions. We will start by talking about your relationship with money and how it may be holding you back as a business owner. We will then begin to make goals, both short-term and long-term. Finally, we will make a plan that will include education, outside help, scheduling, and more that will all be customized to you and your business. Between each session, you will have small amounts of homework that will help you grow and learn. You will also receive tools such as planning guides, worksheets, online course discounts, and reference tools.
This program is $700 to be paid when you book your first appointment.

Quarterly Bookkeeping Check-In

I will go over your bookkeeping each quarter. I will check on your reconciliation and data entry to make sure they were done correctly. I will also go over your financial reports to look for errors or red flags. We will meet for one session to go over concerns you or I have and perform any training that is requested or I feel is needed.
This program is $200 per quarter.

Monthly Sessions

Meet with me every month for a 1 1/2 hour session. I will work with you to determine your issues with money. We will work through these barriers and move on to create plans and goals. We will find outside help as needed to make sure you can stick to your projects. We will customize each session to where you are at in your process. These are ongoing sessions that can continue as long as you still need help. You will also receive tools such as planning guides, worksheets, and free online courses.
This program is $300 per month.