About Me

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and knew I wanted to have my own business for as long as I can remember.  The business changed from a hotel to a restaurant to a parts store to a coffee shop.  I worked for my dad for years starting off dusting shelves and eventually helping with the day to day running of the business.  I also helped my mom with her e-commerce website.  Eventually I landed on what I really love to do, help small business owners succeed in their own businesses.



I love to help entrepreneurs in all stages, but I especially enjoy working with business owners who are just starting off.  I think it is so important for small business owners to fully understand their finances if they want to succeed.  I enjoy working one-on-one, small groups, or teaching large classes.



My goal is to help teach and coach small business owners, so eventually they do not need me!  I want to help them take control of their finances and fully understand their financial position, know what kind of help they need to keep up on their financials, and how to make their goals reality.