Start Getting Help

I talk a lot about the stress that business owners have, and I believe a lot of it can go away if people ask for help!

This week I am signed up for five webinars that cost me a total of $5 (4 of 5 were free).  The topics include social media, startup funding, and money management.  I am all about learning and getting help wherever I can.  So when I have a slow week (like this one), I make sure to fill it with things that will help me run my business and decrease stress.  Every webinar I take teaches me at least two things that make running my business more manageable.  It may be things that will help my clients, new ways to teach, or new apps to make me more efficient.

Signing up for webinars or classes is an easy way to get help.  Sometimes getting more professional one-on-one help can cause anxiety.  You may not be ready to admit what you need help with, or you may not even know what you need!  Getting group help or training can help you see that you are not alone in your need of help and can be an easy way to learn some basic knowledge.

Once you know what you need more in-depth support for and feel more comfortable asking for help, you can find advisors.  Then you can focus on what you really need to learn to help grow your business, make your processes run smoother, and be a great leader!

So if you’re feeling stressed constantly and need help but don’t know where to turn, start small.  Look for free webinars or classes.  Look for free help sessions.  And, of course, ask your peers for recommendations!