Dealing with Money Stress

Everyone has money stress at some point in their life, but everyone deals with it very differently.  The way each person deals with their financial struggles really starts from childhood.  How did your family deal with money?  Did your family discuss money with you?  Did you sense there were problems and financial stress most of the time?  Did your family have the freedom to spend money on anything they wanted?  Was your family always trying to keep up with the image of having money when they didn’t?


For most of my childhood, I did not realize the struggles that my family as business owners had.  They seemed to be able to buy anything that was needed.  We always got great birthday gifts and went on family vacations regularly.  It wasn’t till I started helping them with their business that I realized that they had money woes every winter.  They actually hated Christmastime when their customers didn’t may payments on time and people were spending less money with them.  Looking back, many of our vacations were spent camping close to home so my dad could still work and they could save some money for the slow winter months.  They learned how to prepare for times when money was tight, therefore decreasing their stress.  I was lucky enough to have parents who took a lot of time to understand their finances and learn how to take control of them instead of letting money run and ruin their lives.


ot everyone is so lucky.  In fact, most people I talk to never had any money discussions with their parents.  Many people in their lives had constant money stress and never found a way to overcome it.  Many families had a lack of money, causing constant stress and tension.  Others spend money constantly without planning for the future and are now stressed with a lack of retirement or assets.


So how do you overcome the money habits and stress you may not even realize you learned growing up?  You have to start by analyzing your thoughts about money.  Does just thinking about your finances give you stress?  Do you spend as much money as you want without thinking about how that may affect you in the future?  Or do you not have money stress but don’t ever seem to get ahead?  The best course of action is to look for help.  Read books, take classes, or get one-on-one help to see how to overcome your history with money and move forward with more control and less stress!