Next Steps for Setting Goals

Now that you have written down your goals, why you want to reach them, and the tasks need to achieve them, it’s time to make a plan.  This is a vital part of planning your goals.  You need to have specific tasks with due dates and find a way to create habits to reach your goals.

Take each goal and make a list of the tasks you need to do to reach the goal.  Then take that list of tasks and add them to your calendar.   Make sure to add when you will work on the tasks and when the task is due.  Then add in when you are going to check on the progress of your goal and when you want the goal to be finished by.  Many goals are ongoing and don’t have a specific date when they will be done, so think about creating a due date when you want goals to become a habit.  For example, if your goal is to keep your social media current and up to date.  Create a due date for when you want to have a good system for keeping up to date done by.

Once you have your calendar planned out, decide how you will make sure everything gets done.  Do you need to reward yourself every time you’ve completed a task?  Or have someone else hold you accountable and check in with you?  Maybe set up a jar in which you have to pay a dollar every time you don’t complete a task.

Just remember, setting goals and creating habits is not easy.  You may not accomplish everything you want right away, but don’t give up!  Make sure you check in on your progress to see if you are having a hard time getting things done and need to adjust your calendar or ask for help.