New Year Goals

It’s that time of year when people make New Year’s resolutions, create goals for the year, and generally try to make this year the best year! As a business owner, you should also create goals for yourself and your business. By creating goals, you ensure that you have a direction that you want your business to go in. You can make a financial plan for your business, and you can create a concrete list of tasks to keep you on track.
Many people have a hard time sticking to goals because they don’t have a real plan to reach them. They have this general idea of what they want, but don’t take the time to plan the steps and put in the work to make sure they can reach that goal.
The first step you need to take is to write down your goals.  Try to think of at least two short-term goals (to reach within the next quarter) and two long-term goals (to achieve in a year or longer).  The next step I like to have people do is write down why they want to reach these goals.  Make sure your goals are what you want and not what you think you should do.  Also, make sure your business goals can help you reach your personal goals.
Then think about what tasks you need to do in order to reach these goals.  Do you need to hire help?  Do you need to spend more time training employees?  Do you need to spend more time behind the scenes of your business?  This first list of tasks will be very general, and it does not have to have specific steps to take.  That step will come next.
Work on these first steps and come back next week for what to do next!