How Do You Learn?

Entrepreneurs spend many days learning how to do things to keep their businesses running smoothly.  From learning a new POS system to researching a new product to navigating payroll.  Many tasks cannot wait for you to choose the best learning method, so you jump on YouTube and watch some “How To” videos and get the job done.  However, there are numerous parts of your job that need more time and attention and a deeper understanding.  These tasks tend to be long-term items such as payroll, financials, inventory management, and marketing.  So how do you find the best method to learn about these?

Learn in wood letters with a lighbulb. Learn about small business finances.

On Your Own vs In Person

Do you like to work at your own pace and go through things multiple times?  Or do you prefer having someone help you and walk you through what you’re learning?  Everyone learns best in different ways and may change the type of learning depending on the subject.  There are so many great methods of education now, the choice is really up to you.  Think about previous situations in which you had to learn a new task or topic.  What worked best for you, and in what way did you retain the most information?  If the best experience you had was working with a teacher or coach, stick with that and find classes in-person or virtually with a live person.  Maybe you worked best when you could learn at your own pace, going through the subject matter multiple times when you had time.  Find an online or book course that can teach you what you need.

Group vs One-on-One

If you choose the live teaching method, do you want a group session or one-on-one training?  Again, think about previous classes you have taken.  Did you have lots of questions and need a lot of personal support?  Did you enjoy having others in the class and learned from their questions?  One-on-one sessions can be very valuable and custom to what you need, however, they can be more expensive.  In a group session you may not be able to get specific questions answered, however the cost is usually less.  So you may want to choose one-on-one sessions if you have a subject you need to know and understand in-depth.  Group sessions may be better for a basic understanding or beginner course.

The best way to think about what’s best for you is to go off of past experiences.  Learn from your previous experiences, good or bad.  It may take a few tries to find what’s best for you.  There are so many options available right now, the possibilities are endless!  Contact me if you are looking for help!