Coaching small business owners to understand, manage, and conquer their finances.

Are you struggling to understand your business financials? Do you have an idea for a business but need help planning to make it a reality? Are you tired of having to get loans every time business slows down just to cover basic expenses?  Do you think you have a solid financial plan but want someone else to look everything over?  Is your business profitable but you are always running out of cash?  Do you feel out of control and don’t even know where to start?


I can help with all of these problems and more. I work with entrepreneurs in all stages to ease financial worries, take control of their money, and plan for the future. I can help just a little with a single one-time coaching session or be an ongoing partner through the many stages of taking control of your finances and growing your business.


You may not even know what help you need, that’s where I can help.  We’ll determine the problems you are experiencing, learn how to overcome them, create a strategy, implement plans and finally reach your goals and gain control over your finances and business!  Check out the services below to see what would work for you.

Financial Coaching Options

Short Term Coaching

Personalized meeting to discuss your financials, teach financial basics, look over your books, or talk about your goals.

Ongoing Coaching

Work with me each month to go over your finances, set goals, create a budget, and grow your business.

Group Coaching

Meet with other entrepreneurs to learn, share, and grow.


Downloadable PDFs that can help you get organized with your business.  To get first dibs on these great tools sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page.


Chris MinnickOwner of WatzThis, Inc.
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Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, ninety percent of my business's income came from face-to-face training. When that became impossible, Evolution's services were one of the main reasons my company was able to survive. With Sarah's help and expert advice, we dramatically cut expenses and focused on building up the remaining parts of the business while creating new revenue streams. The result is that my business has returned to profitability and is more resilient than it's ever been.
Jeremy Towsey-FrenchOwner of Reveille Ciderworks
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Sarah has been instrumental in providing an objective, strategic view of our business financials , helping properly contextualize our sales and costs over time. Her ability to synthesize minutia into actionable metrics is extremely important to our growth strategy. What's more, her skillful hand has helped us improve forecasting by forcing us to answer difficult questions and think strategically.