Coaching small business owners to understand, manage, and conquer their finances.

Are you struggling to understand your business financials? Do you have an idea for a business but need help planning to make it a reality? Are you tired of having to get loans every time business slows down just to cover basic expenses?  Do you think you have a solid financial plan but want someone else to look everything over?  Is your business profitable but you are always running out of cash?  Do you feel out of control and don’t even know where to start?

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I can help with all of these problems and more. I work with entrepreneurs in all stages to ease financial worries, take control of their money, and plan for the future. I can help just a little with a single one-time coaching session or be an ongoing partner through the many stages of taking control of your finances and growing your business.


You may not even know what help you need, that’s where I can help.  We’ll determine the problems you are experiencing, learn how to overcome them, create a strategy, implement plans and finally reach your goals and gain control over your finances and business!  Check out the services below to see what would work for you.

Financial Coaching Options

One-on-One Coaching

Personalized meeting to discuss your financials and help you reach your goals.

Group Coaching

Meet with other entrepreneurs to learn, share, and grow.

Online Courses

Learn about business finances when you have time at your own pace.

Free Budgeting Class!
Wednesday, October 27th @ 9am

Now is a great time to think about budgeting for 2022.  Take this free online 1-hour class to help.  We’ll talk about why budgeting is important, what info you need to start, how to create the budget, and how to stick to your budget.  Enter your name and email and you’ll receive an email with the link to the course.  After the class is over you will receive free planning worksheets and a budget template.

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